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Why Should You Use Refrigerant Racks in HVAC Vans?

Posted by Chilly Air, LLC on

Top 2 Tips To Use Refrigerant Racks In HVAC Vans

For a veteran technician of air conditioning service, his/her refrigerant racks for HVAC vans are second important consideration. These racks are where cylinders can be stored, each item has its own place and when that place is empty, the technician may be missing something critical for the job. Any experienced AC repair service person has also figured out the best configuration to make his or her refrigerant racks for vans storage help him or her be as efficient and safe as possible.

Find here some important tips that would be good to learn, especially when a rookie service technician were to be an apprentice under an experience technician. The rookie service technician may learn some important considerations about proper van setup for the air conditioning industry.

What are the reasons to plan out where all the small parts are kept in the van?

The answer is by locating parts, tools, and equipment quickly a technician can accomplish service calls faster, make customers satisfied, and create increased revenue for the company. Just think of the time it would take to dig through a large box in your van, which is filled with switches, connectors, switches, thermostat boxes, pipe parts, and everything you may require all jumbled together. You may be wasting a lot of time when you were looking for one small part in that large box.

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By customizing the HVAC storage vans with installing refrigerant racks for vans, you will get smaller drawers and bins. Those will make it easy to locate and retrieve the parts you need. At the same time, this will also make it faster to identify when you are missing parts and when you need to restock your van before the next service call.

What's the best way to haul refrigerant tanks in a service van?

You will get to find out there a couple of options and it is a matter of preference and how many tanks you typically haul at one time. There are some HVAC van storage layouts which will be having tank holders and those will be put on the van floor while securing one tank in an upright position.

The best option will be refrigerant racks for HVAC vans. These racks are welded with sloped cradles, which can make it easy for loading and unloading the tanks. 3 to 4 tanks can be held usually in nearly the same footprint space as one upright tank holder, because these racks are made of heavy steel. It means this will offer another storage shelf for equipment.

Both of these options use a bungee cord or a strap to secure the tank to the storage fixture. It can often be located where it’s best for you in the van. These racks are usually put near the doors for easy access without having to crawl inside the van.

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