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Chilly Air LLC – Your One-Stop Online Shop for Quality 407c refrigerant purchase!

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Why Should You Choose Chilly Air LLC for Your 407c Refrigerant Purchase? To Know in Details, Read the Below Article!

Are you looking for a refrigerant for commercial or industrial use? Then Chilly Air LLC is the top refrigerant online store you should seek. At Chilly Air LLC, we take pride to announce that we retain the best quality refrigerants for your commercial, industrial or any kind of automobile use. One such refrigerant that is great on demand nowadays is R407c.

A brief look at the R407c and its uses

R407c is an HFC ternary blend of R32, R125, and R134a and contains similar properties as R22 in air conditioning systems and is suitable for R22 retrofits. It can operate at medium temperatures and is frequently used to replace R22 HVAC systems with an oil change. HVAC systems that are designed for R407c refrigerant are industrial refrigerators, residential air conditioning, and commercial chillers. R407c can operate in medium temperature applications. Therefore, you can choose this particular refrigerant for its diverse use whenever you come across refrigerant for sale.

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Nowadays, R407c is widely known for its different uses. When it comes to industrial use, it has been used in industrial freezers found at your local port of entry, plant freezers, freight ships, and freezer trucks. R407 is a non-toxic, non-flammable, Class 2.2 product that meets the highest ASHRAE standard A1/A1 classification. It retains zero Ozone Depletion potential, a Global Warming potential of 1774. R407c should always be charged as a liquid. Due to its zeotropic nature, it will fractionate if charged as a vapor, causing poor system performance and possibly, a system failure. When you look for 407c refrigerant for sale, you ought to know that it be used with polyolester (POE) oil since its solubility with mineral oil or alkylbenzene is limited. When retrofitting an old R22 system, it will be necessary to flush out the mineral oil or alkylbenzene lubricant in the system and replace it with POE. New equipment designed for R4107c will be charged with the OEM-recommended POE lubricant, ready for use with R 407c. This particular refrigerant is in the 400 series of refrigerants making it a ternary blend of refrigerants. The ‘R’ signifies Refrigerant and can be altered with its specific name HFC-407C.

How does Chilly Air LLC help you?

When you are looking for a top-class heating and air conditioning refrigerant for commercial and industrial use, then it is very important that you buy quality refrigerants from quality and reputed stores like the online refrigerant store of Chilly Air LLC. We aim to provide our customers with environment-friendly, standard refrigerants. Our online store retains a wide variety of common refrigerant products used in the market today and offers them in an entirely new, factory sealed, and disposable format with guaranteed quality and value.

Why should you choose us?

Now that you want 407c refrigerant for sale, we retain standard refrigerants for your different use. There are many potential reasons available that can make you purchase from us;

  1. You will get factory-sealed top quality refrigerants for your diverse use.
  2. When you buy refrigerants from us, you are eligible for offers and discounts on refrigerant racks and air-handlers which are essential for safety.
  3. Once you purchase your product from us, it is our responsibility to deliver it to your address undamaged.
  4. We offer the maximum lowest price for refrigerants bought from us.

So, visit our online store and avail the cheapest price for your 407c refrigerant.

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