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Looking to Buy Maxitrol Line Regulators? Visit Our HVAC E-Commerce Shop of Chilly Air, LLC!

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Maxitrol Line Regulators – A-Must Appliance in Pipeline System

Do you looking up information about Maxitrol line regulators? What do you need this regulator for? Yes, this is necessary, because this line pressure appliance comes with different product functionalities for different sectors. That means residential, commercial and industrial sectors have different requirements.

Let’s get a clear picture of this appliance through reading this product features and functionalities.

MAXITROL 325-5L-3/4 3/4" line regulator: Maxitrol 325 line regulators comes with Vent Limiter. The Maxitrol 325 L-Series regulator has a lever acting design. It is suitable for 2 and 5 PSI pipeline systems. A standard line regulator tends to cost around $46.

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The international fuel gas code specifies that overpressure protection is necessary while local building code allow for a 5 PSI system. Maxitrol line regulators provide the 325 L-series with overpressure protection devices or OPDs.

Appliances like stoves, hot water heaters, fireplaces and furnaces are fuelled by natural gas. Generally, the gas is distributed in lines at two to five PSI by using corrugated stainless steel tubing or CSST or copper tubing. The pressure to the rated inlet pressure range of the gas appliance gets reduced by the 325 Maxitrol line regulators.

Every device requires a 325 line regulator and in most installations, that regulator is required at or near the appliance which is generally deep within the building or home. That would also need a vent piping from the situation of the appliance. It tends to be much work, unsightly, and expensive.

Vent Limiters: There is a way and that you can achieve with adding vent limiter. A vent limiting device can free one from the need to run costly vent piping from the appliance to the exterior of the building. You need to add a Maxitrol vent limiting device to the L-series gas regulator. You can see that vent limiters are used for indoor use in spaces where it becomes crucial to limit the amount of the gas escapement in case the regulator diaphragm goes wrong.

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One should keep in mind that Maxitrol line regulators should not be used outside exposed to the environment for the likelihood of getting moisture into the outlet of the line regulator.

The line regulator should be installed in a horizontal upright position while using a vent limiter with the 325. Contrary to it, this is most likely that the ball check will roll into the limiting position. As a result, a high lock up will be experienced and that the Maxitrol line regulators won’t operate correctly.

Over pressure protection: You may be interested in venting gas regulator and overpressure protection devices for appliances in case your gas line pressure to an appliance crosses the mark.

Explore more functions and features of Maxitrol line regulators online to learn more about it and then place your purchase order.

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