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What Are the Top Reasons to Use R-134A Refrigerant?

Posted by Chilly Air, LLC on

Top Reasons to Use 134A Refrigerant

The environmental impacts of global warming have put noticeable emphasis on the need for alternative kinds of chemical refrigerants. Since 1996, this trend has begun when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Air Act banned the manufacture of the most common refrigerants. The reason being, they contributed to the depletion of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere which protects earth from UV radiation.

In view of this regulation, a variety of refrigerants have come into existence. Amidst all of them, R134a refrigerant is a familiar name. This is used in a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning applications. In both domestic and commercial HVAC systems, use of this refrigerant is sighted widely. Also in automotive air conditioning systems, use of this refrigerant is significantly noticeable. It is also a common component in many HFC refrigerant blends and is used in some propellant applications.

There are many more benefits achievable from the use of 134a refrigerant for sale. Let’s see them below.

R134a refrigerant is cheap. It has been used in industrial freezers found at your local port of entry, freight ships, plant freezers, and freezer trucks. 134A refrigerant is a non-toxic, non-flammable, class 2.2 product. Capable of meeting the highest ASHRAE standard A1/A1 classification, 134A refrigerant has an Ozone depletion potential of 0, a global warming potential of 1430. 134A refrigerant should be charged into a system with a POE and not with Mineral Oil (MO) due to it being more miscible, or able to blend with the refrigerant.

It is ensured that you will have a dry HVAC system as POE oils are hydroscopic, which means they can absorb moisture readily. As moisture can cause harmful acids to form inside your HVAC system and may also cause further damage to your HVAC system, this capability of moisture absorption is considered wonderful.

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Use this 134a refrigerant for household refrigeration, automotive air conditioning, heat pumps, transport refrigeration, commercial cooling, and leak detection in automotive and air-conditioning (UV134a). 134a refrigerant is also known as Tetrafluoroethane (CF3CH2F) from the family of HFC refrigerant. The HFC family of refrigerant has been widely used as their replacement as several other lines of refrigerants have been found out to be harmful to the ozone layer. Given that fact, 134a refrigerant is on the rise across all sections of users.